If you are looking for a romantic restaurant in Malta for an upcoming date night, check out my top list of romantic Malta restaurants below.

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What are the best romantic restaurants in Malta?

  1. Blue Elephant – St Julians (Porto Maso)
  2. Zen Japanese Sushi Bar & Teppanyaki – St Julians (Porto Maso)
  3. Sciacca Grill – Valletta and St Julians
  4. The Chophouse – Sliema
  5. Adesso – Valletta
  6. The Skyroom Cocktail Bar & Grill – Sliema
  7. Grotto Tavern – Rabat
7 Most Romantic Malta Restaurants

I love to eat out in Malta, but I don’t need it to be fancy. I love to go out for a good brunch or a casual dinner. But on some special occasions, it is really nice to have a proper dinner at a romantic restaurant. Such occasions might include birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. And luckily, there are many great restaurants in Malta to choose from.

No matter the occasion: If you want to go out for a romantic dinner in Malta, I recommend trying out any of the romantic restaurants listed below. All the restaurants serve food of high quality in a romantic setting, while not breaking the bank completely. They are also great options for Valentine’s dinner in Malta and I continuously update the guide to feature Valentine’s deals.

PS: No matter which restaurant you choose for your romantic dinner in Malta, remember to book in advance – especially for Valentine’s Day!

Top 7 romantic restaurants in Malta

Below you can find my favourite romantic restaurants in Malta, listed in no specific order. Pick your favourite based on the cuisine or location and see what you think.

1. Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant Malta
Photo Credit: Blue Elephant Malta

Blue Elephant, located at the Hilton Hotel in Porto Maso, is the perfect romantic restaurant for a date night in Malta. Blue Elephant is a chain of award-winning Thai restaurants with 4 locations around the world. Lucky for you, one of them is in Malta.

On the menu of Blue Elephant, you will find a grand selection of delicious Thai dishes. With a mix of classics and fusion, there is something for everyone. I recommend going for the Vegetarian Set Menu or the Royal Thai Banquet Menu, which will give you a selection of different dishes to try and share.

In addition to delicious food, Blue Elephant has a unique atmosphere. Stepping into the restaurant is like stepping into another world. The decor is beautiful and the sounds of a roaring stream and bird song in the background make it feel like you are far away from Malta. A dining out experience unlike any other.

Blue Elephant, Malta

2. Zen Japanese Sushi Bar & Teppanyaki

Zen Japanese Sushi Bar & Teppanyaki Malta
Photo credit: The Marina Restaurants

Zen is another restaurant located in Porto Maso, St Julians. Here you can enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine all made from fresh ingredients. The restaurant is classy and exclusive, perfect for a romantic date night in Malta.

If you like sushi, you will have a lot to choose from on the a la carte menu. If you are looking for something more unique, I would recommend booking a seat at the Teppanyaki table. Here you can choose from fresh seafood and meat that will be cooked right in front of you, served with miso soup, rice and vegetables.

Zen Japanese Sushi Bar & Teppanyaki serves dinner and a show. There is also a grand selection of great wines and other drinks to choose from, to complete the romantic date night.

Zen Japanese Sushi Bar & Teppanyaki, Malta

3. Sciacca Grill

Sciacca Grill Malta
Photo Credit: Sciacca Malta

If you are looking for a delicious and romantic restaurant in Malta, be sure to check out Sciacca Grill. Sciacca is one of my favourite restaurants in Malta, also in categories such as dog-friendly restaurants. Here you will be spoilt for choice with tasty meat, appetisers, side orders, desserts, and drinks.

Sciacca Grill has two locations in Malta, so you can choose to book a table in Valletta or St Julians. Both offer a great location for a dinner which can then be followed by drinks at a nearby bar.

At Sciacca, you can choose something from their a la carte menu, go for a set menu, or simply pick your preferred meat from the meat counter. It might not be “dinner and a show” like Zen, but it adds something extra to the dining experience.

Read more in my Sciacca review!

Sciacca Grill, Malta
  • Where: South St, Valletta and Triq Santu Wistin, St Julians
  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 12 pm-3 pm and 6 pm-11 pm (Valletta) / 6 pm-11 pm (St Julians)
  • Website: http://sciaccamalta.com/ 
  • Contact: +356 2123 7222 / 2133 1310

4. The Chophouse

The Chophouse Malta
Photo Credit: The Chophouse

Similar to Sciacca in some ways, Chophouse is another great steakhouse perfect for a romantic dinner in Malta. Thanks to its grand location down by the seafront in Sliema, you’ll have a beautiful view of Valletta while enjoying your meal.

On the Chophouse menu, you’ll find meat, fish and more that is grilled on Malta’s largest charcoal grill. In addition to a selection of the finest meats, the restaurant has an impressive wine cave that stocks over 350 wines. The last time we visited, we were especially impressed by the wine selection and great wine recommendations by our waiter.

Request a table with a view and enjoy the stunning location and delicious food. The venue can also be used for wedding receptions.

The Chophouse, Malta
  • Where: Tigne Point, Censu Xerri, Sliema
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 7 pm to 10 pm and Sunday 12 pm to 3 pm
  • Website: https://chophouse.com.mt/
  • Contact: +356 2060 3355

5. Adesso

Adesso Malta
Photo Credit: Adesso Malta

Although I do recommend booking a table for all of the restaurants above, what they have in common is that the locations are quite spacious and fit a lot of guests. That is not the case for my next recommendation: Adesso.

Adesso is a small, romantic restaurant located in Valletta. Here you will be served delicious, homecooked meals made from the freshest ingredients. It is simply one of the best romantic restaurants in Malta.

The atmosphere and quality of the food is nothing but amazing. Start your visit with a glass of something bubbly, try out some starters and a main course, and pair it all with a great bottle of wine (and some romantic wine ideas). Adesso serves up home-cooked, delicious food and a meal to remember.

Adesso, Malta
  • Where: Valletta Building, South Street Il-Belt Valletta
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 6 pm to 10 pm (+ 12 pm to 3 pm on Friday and Saturday)
  • Website: https://www.adesso.com.mt/
  • Contact: +356 2124 0460

6. The Skyroom Cocktail Bar & Grill

The Skyroom Cocktail Bar & Grill Malta
Photo Credit: The Skyroom

Skyroom in Sliema is one of the best restaurants/bars I have visited in Malta. The location was converted to The Skyroom Cocktail Bar & Grill in 2019. If you haven’t checked it out already, now is the time!

Located on the 14th floor of the Preluna Hotel, the Skyroom is a perfect location for a classy and romantic date night in Malta. With live jazz playing in the background and proper cocktails being mixed, this is simply a great spot.

It might be more of a bar than the other restaurants on this list, but there is also an extensive food menu available. The Skyroom chef serves up some delicious dishes including local fish as one of the specialities. Get a table at the restaurant to enjoy some great appetizers and meat, or go for some bar nibbles with your cocktails.

The atmosphere, interior and location are all nothing but classy at Skyroom. This is simply one of the fanciest restaurants in Malta. Dress up for a night on the town and enjoy dinner with a view.

Read more in my Skyroom review!

The Skyroom Cocktail Bar & Grill, Malta
  • Where: 124 Tower Road, Sliema
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 6 pm-11 pm + Saturday and Sunday 12 pm-3 pm
  • Website: https://skyroom.com.mt/
  • Contact: +356 9969 7214

7. Grotto Tavern

Grotto Tavern Malta
Photo Credit: Grotto Tavern

Grotto Tavern is a unique Malta restaurant, located in a 2000-year-old cave in Rabat. There are three rooms available, with ‘The Cave’ being the most unique one. Here you will be tucked away in a dug-out seating area in the middle of a cave. Surrounded by yellow stone walls, you can enjoy a meal within Malta’s history.

For special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Grotto Tavern has some romantic set menus. There is also an a la carte menu and a tasting menu. Both menus are filled with delicious and unique dishes to complete a romantic date night. Of course, this romantic Malta location can also be used for weddings, so there is a reception menu too.

Grotto Tavern, Malta
  • Where: 9/10/12 St Pauls Square, Rabat
  • Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 6 pm-10 pm & Friday to Saturday 6 pm-11 pm
  • Website: https://www.grottotavern.net/
  • Contact: +356 2145 3258
Valentine's dinner in Malta

Valentine’s dinner in Malta

The seven restaurants above are all great options for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner in Malta. Some of them will offer a unique set menu on the day while others offer the same menu as normal. Depending on what you are in the mood for, you can choose your favourite from the options above with a varied selection of cuisines.

Looking for something delicious but inexpensive and casual? Check out my KuYa review for one of the best budget-friendly (Michelin-mentioned) restaurants in Malta. You can also check out my 51 ideas of things to do in Malta, if you are looking for something to do on the day!

Enjoy your date night!

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