What’s the best Malta restaurant, you ask? In my opinion, it might just be KuYa. It is at least the restaurant I will miss the most when leaving the island.

I love writing and reading round-ups of “the best X restaurants” because it gives me a variety of restaurants to choose from. But I also want to go more in-depth on some of my favourites, starting with a KuYa Malta Review. If you recognise the name, it might be because I have already mentioned this Malta restaurant once, in my Best Dog Friendly Restaurants in Malta post.

Asian food (dumplings) and chopsticks, not from KuYa Malta

What is KuYa Malta?

KuYa is an Asian pub/restaurant, food truck and catering business. The restaurant started with a food truck serving up authentic Asian food. The food truck is still around, but now you’ll also find KuYa at their pub/restaurant in St Julians.

The menu offers a mix of delicious Thai Japanese street food. In addition to a menu signature dishes and daily specials, you can also choose from a variety of craft beer and ciders – in addition to proper whiskey.

The KuYa restaurant in St Julians is located downstairs, at a small basement bar. The decorations, music and overall atmosphere gives the restaurant a really laidback and casual feeling. It is the perfect spot for a lunch or dinner. There aren’t a lot of seats available and the restaurant is popular, so a reservation is recommended. If you drop in without a reservation, you might be lucky and get a set at the bar.

If you want to enjoy KuYa’s food at home, you can order take away and food delivery too. Or, if you are planning an event, you can make use of KuYa catering. If we end up having our wedding in Malta, I will be very tempted to use KuYa for the food.

KuYa Malta Bao Buns

Even though I have visited the KuYa restaurant Malta countless of times, this was the only photo I could find from the restaurant. Their Bao Buns are my absolute favourites!

What to order at KuYa Malta

KuYa is one of the few restaurants I will crave on a weekly/monthly basis, as I long for their food. Their menu is full of choices, but I always end up ordering the same.


My go-to order at KuYa is the Pork Bao Buns (starter) and Crispy Fried Beef with noodles (main course). They have a full list of salads, starters and mains to share, as well as some desserts. In addition to the standard menu, they will have a daily special main course. The main courses are served with rice or noodles (your choice).

Everything I have tried at KuYa Malta has been absolutely delicious. The flavour combinations are always brilliant. What I really like is that, even though I often order the same dishes, I have a new experience each time. Even though the dish is the same, some minor changes will make it taste unique – always made from scratch with fresh ingredients.

KuYa Malta Drinks

Being an Asian pub with a bar you can sit at, I guess you could go to KuYa just for a drink (but why would you miss out on the food?). Here you will have a lot of drinks to choose from. There is a great selection of craft beer and ciders – both local and foreign. And, if you are a whiskey or sake fan, you can find some great Japanese ones.

KuYa Menu

The menu at KuYa is quite unique. As already mentioned, you will find a daily special in addition to the standard dishes available. But there is no physical menu for you to flick through; you will find all the dishes written on chalkboards.

There is one board with the salads/noodles and another one with starters (on the left), main courses (on the right), desserts (on the bottom) and the special (on top). You will see all the prices and names right on the board, but if anything is unclear, just ask!

Of course, there is a KuYa menu available so that you can order online or call for take away. You can check out the KuYa menu here and also keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates on their specials.

KuYa Asian Pub Details
  • Where: 2 Triq Ross, St Julians
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 11:30am-3pm and 6pm-11pm
  • Website: http://www.kuyamalta.com/ 
  • Contact: 2713 6517
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