Looking for the best food delivery in Malta? Check out my round-up of some great apps, websites, and businesses for food delivery in Malta – including a Wolt promo code!

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What are the best Malta delivery services?

  1. Bolt Food
  2. Wolt
  3. Delivify
  4. Time to Eat
  5. Hugo’s Delivery
  6. Pizza Hut and Dominos Malta
Apps and website for food delivery Malta

I love eating out in Malta, especially when I get to bring my dog to a pet friendly restaurant. But sometimes, more so since 2020, the circumstances don’t allow for dining out. Or maybe you prefer eating at home but without doing all the cooking yourself?

After living in Malta for three years, I have not only tried and tested many great restaurants, but also some different delivery food services. Below, I have listed my current favourite delivery apps and websites that you can use to order takeaway and food delivery in Malta.

Apps and websites for food delivery Malta

Bolt, Wold, Time to Eat, or directly from the restaurant? Let me walk you through the main differences and pros/cons of the different delivery apps and websites available in Malta.

1. Bolt Food Malta

Bolt Food app

Bolt (previously Taxify) is a big taxi company in Malta that also launched a Bolt Food app. Similar to Uber Eats, this is an app where you can order food delivery from different restaurants and get it delivered by Bolt drivers. As Uber is not available in Malta, Bolt and Bolt Food is your best option when it comes to both taxi service and food delivery!

With Bolt Food in Malta, you can choose from the restaurants available in the app and order directly from your phone. Once your order is confirmed, you can follow the order process and driver in the app. They are also offering 100% contactless delivery. Simply download the app, check out the Bolt Food Malta restaurants available and confirm your order!

With Bolt Food you can also order grocery delivery from some stores and butchers like Miracle Foods and Meats & Eats. We have used the app to order fresh meat which can then be cooked at home. It is really nice to be able to order these things directly via an app and not have to go out to get it.

I love how quick and easy it is to order from the Bolt Food app. Bolt Food in Malta has also started to deliver alcohol from their restaurants, like Delivify and Wolt. There are no Bolt food promo codes though, but frequent promotions in the app from specific restaurants.

Favourite businesses to order from on Bolt Food

  1. Fornetti
  2. HiMú
  3. Meats & Eats butcher

2. Wolt Malta

Wolt app

When Wolt first came around in Malta, I thought it was a poor rip-off of Bolt Malta (with a very similar name). But I quickly realised that it is actually a big chain available in many countries, that can now be used all over Malta too.

Similar to Bolt Food above, the Wolt app offers food delivery from a variety of Malta restaurants and cafés. The app is really easy to use and you can search for specific items or categories. On this app, you can also order alcohol from the restaurants available.

A plus with Wolt is that they (currently) offer free delivery for many of the restaurants and also discount codes for your first order. See my Wolt Malta promo code below:

Use the Wolt promo code 8JA53 to get €5 off your first order!

Favourite businesses to order from on Wolt

  1. Prosciutteria (amazing pizza!)
  2. Manouche
  3. McDonalds

Bolt vs Wolt

Bolt Food and Wolt are very similar in terms of the app and what they offer, but there are some differences. While Bolt is also a taxi and scooter company, Wolt is food (and drinks and groceries) deliveries only. But Wolt, on the other hand, is a big company that is available in many other countries.

Personally, I prefer Wolt as I think the app is better and easier to navigate. It is also a plus that Wolt offers discount codes and referrals. You can use my promo code Wolt 8JA53 to get €5 off your first order!

3. Delivify Malta

Delivify app

Delivify is another app available for food delivery in Malta. Although it is not the biggest on the market, I downloaded it for one simple reason: Delivify was the first delivery service in Malta to deliver food from my favourite restaurant: KuYa.

KuYa is now available on Bolt Food too, but in the beginning, it was Delivify exclusive. With Delivify Malta, you can easily order delivery from KuYa and many other great restaurants directly from your phone. The list of restaurants and shops available is not as extensive as on Bolt and Wolt, nor is the app as user-friendly. But, it is a good third option I have used several times.

The process is simple: Download the Delivify app, add your details, and track your order.

Favourite businesses to order from on Delivify

  1. KuYa Asian Pub
  2. Smokehouse
  3. Subway

4. Time to Eat Malta

Before all the apps above came around, Time to Eat used to be the original Malta delivery service I used for food delivery. The app and website is still around and a popular choice on the island, though it is not as user-friendly and up-to-date as Wolt and Bolt.

When ordering from Time to Eat Malta, you can choose to order from their website or mobile app. On both, you can choose to pay by credit card or cash on delivery. I personally prefer using the website as I find it easier to navigate than the app (which is a bit outdated). You can choose to order both take out and delivery, and see which restaurants are available to your location.

Salmon salad food delivery

Moving away from the websites and apps offering delivery from many different restaurants, there are also some great spots where you can order directly from the restaurant.

5. Hugo’s Deliveries

Hugo’s have a lot of restaurants (and hotels and bars) in Malta, and everything is always of amazing quality. With Hugo’s Deliveries, you can order a mix of Indian food, Sushi, Ramen and more all from one website. Get free delivery on orders over €25 and discount codes via email from time to time.

6. Pizza Hut and Dominos Malta

I love pizza. Normally I opt for a thin and clean Italian pizza, but sometimes you just want a thick and greasy pizza for cheat day. Then I normally go with Pizza Hut or Dominos.

Pizza Hut Malta has a really great website where you can order take out or delivery pizza from your local “hut”. Register an account to collect loyalty points which you can use to order more food later.

Dominos Malta is quite a new pizza chain on the island. With several outlets, the pizza joint has a presence in the centre, south and north of Malta. Check the Dominos Malta menu and order directly from their website to track your order’s process while waiting for that delicious pizza.

Pizza party with friends

7. Other Options for Food Delivery Malta

  1. Tuk Tuk Delivery: Indian restaurant with delivery and take out
  2. Amigos Delivery: Mexican/international restaurant with delivery via website and app
  3. Online Eats: Website with several restaurants to order from
  4. Malta Menu: Food ordering platform with several restaurants to order from

Above you can find some additional food delivery options in Malta. Though I have tried some amazing food from both Tuk Tuk and Amigos, I have never ordered specifically from any of these websites/apps.

Tips to enjoy food delivery at home

For many, eating out at a restaurant might feel more romantic and unique than sitting at home with a delivery order. But that doesn’t have to be the case!

Ordering food delivery lets you enjoy a great meal without having to do the cooking and dishes. You can still make it romantic by lighting some candles, having some music in the background, and putting out proper plates and cutlery. An idea is also to order lots of different dishes to share.

Enjoy the food with your favourite drink, whether that be soda, beer, wine or a homemade cocktail. If you don’t already have it at home, you can even order alcohol delivery to your door!

To complete your evening, you can check out some romantic tips for wine lovers (that can also apply to other drinks) or easy games to play as a couple.

Food delivery in Malta Q&As

How can I order food online in Malta?

Ordering food straight to your door in Malta is super-easy thanks to the many apps and websites such as Bolt Food, Wolt, and Time to Eat. Download the app(s) and place your order(s).

Is Uber Eats available in Malta?

No, Uber and Uber Eats is not available in Malta, but Bolt Food is the same concept. With Bolt Food, you can order food via the taxi company Bolt (a separate app).

Is Wolt available in Malta?

Yes, the food delivery app Wolt is available to use in Malta with many restaurants added.

Can I use a Wolt promo code?

Yes, use the promo code 8JA53 to get €5 off your first order!

Can I order home delivery of groceries in Malta?

Yes, many supermarkets offer home delivery and you can also order from shops at Bolt Food and through the website myfood.mt.

Does McDonalds deliver in Malta?

Yes, you can order McDonald’s delivery from the Wolt app and Bolt Food app!

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