Looking for a boozy, bottomless, vegan, or dog-friendly brunch in Malta? Check out my list of the best brunch spots on the island and enjoy!

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What’s the best brunch in Malta?

  1. Kingsway boozy brunch and a la carte (Valletta)
  2. Hammett’s bottomless brunch and a la carte (Sliema)
  3. NAAR bottomless, a la carte and vegan brunch (St Julians)
  4. Manouche a la carte brunch (St Julians and Valletta)
  5. Crust a la carte brunch (St Julians)
  6. U Bistrot a la carte brunch (St Julians)
  7. Dr Juice healthy brunch (several locations)
The best brunch in Malta

I love breakfast food and I love booze, and brunch gives the best of both worlds.

What is brunch? The word “brunch” simply combines “breakfast” and “lunch”. This meal is normally served around 12 pm, in between (or instead of) precisely breakfast and lunch. Brunch can be the ultimate guilty pleasure, allowing for a lazy weekend treat or a decadent celebratory meal.

Saturday and Sunday are the ultimate brunch days, but some restaurants offer their brunch menu every day of the week. Going for brunch in Malta is a perfect weekend or public holiday activity for the spring and summertime. To be honest, brunch can be enjoyed all year and every day – like an all-day breakfast. Sit outside or nestle in and enjoy refreshing drinks and some delicious food to start the day.

The best brunch restaurants will have a variety of scrumptious dishes and drinks to try and share in good company. With so much to choose from, you just need to know where to go, and I am here to help with exactly that!

Plates of brunch food at a rustic table

Top 7 spots for brunch in Malta

After living in Malta for years and enjoying my fair share of breakfast and brunches out and about, I have compiled my very favourites into this top list.

Before jumping into the list, I want to give a quick note that most of the restaurants mentioned are located in or close to St. Julian’s. This is simply because the central area of St. Julian’s is where I have had the most (and best) brunches during my years in Malta.

Without further ado, let’s check out the best spots for brunch in Malta, featuring some favourites in St. Julian’s, Valletta, Sliema and more.

Bottomless brunch in Malta

With brunch, you’ll often swap your coffee for a glass of prosecco or a mimosa. If you want a boozy brunch, I recommend going for a bottomless option where you pay for a set amount of hours of free-flowing drinks. Luckily, there are some great options available!

1. Kingsway Bar & Cafe (Valletta)

Starting off strong, Kingsway is my absolute favourite brunch spot in Malta. I have always loved Kingsway and it became extra special after my fiancé and I had our champagne there after we got engaged. Out of all the food I have tried there, the brunch is number one.

Kingsway brunch details
  • Where: 57 Republic Street, Valletta
  • Brunch Hours: Monday to Sunday until 6 pm
  • Contact: +356 2703 7720
  • Brunch menu

At Kingsway, brunch is served until 6 pm every day. They have a brunch a la carte menu with 8 different dishes including a classic smashed avocado toast and some more unique options. You can either order the dish of your choice (for about €10 each) and drinks on the side, or opt for the Boozy Brunch deal.

With the Boozy Brunch, you will get a selection of tapas to share, one main brunch item, and 2 hours of free-flowing drinks for only €40 per person. What I really love about this deal is that you can switch between different drinks as you go and don’t have to pick just one and stick with it. Drinks to choose from include beer, prosecco, mimosa and Aperol spritz.

The offer and selection of food is great, easily making it the best bottomless brunch in Malta.

Kingsway Boozy Brunch

Kingsway Boozy Brunch

The brunch dishes at Kingsway are fit for royalty with unique flavour combinations and a beautiful presentation. Pictured: “The Squire” (no longer on the menu).

€40 (with drinks)

2. Hammett’s Gastro Bar (Sliema)

Hammett’s is a classy and modern gastro bar located along the Sliema seafront. With a cosy terrace and a large inside seating area, you can enjoy food or drinks here no matter the weather or time of day.

Hammett’s brunch details
  • Where: 33, 34 Tigné Seafront, Sliema
  • Brunch Hours: Saturday to Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm
  • Contact: +356 2134 1116
  • Brunch menu

With the Bottomless Brunch at Hammett’s, you can enjoy two hours of free-flowing Prosecco for your table and a brunch dish each at €24 per person. This is a perfect start to the day, especially if you are seated outside on a sunny day.

Are you ready to join Hammett’s brunch club? It’s another great bottomless brunch option in Malta, but note that here you can’t choose any other drinks than Prosecco in the set deal. Of course, if you prefer to have something else to drink, you can simply order a brunch dish and the drink of your choice without going for the bottomless option.

I have been to brunch at Hammett’s several times, both “regular” and boozy. No matter the drink, I always opt for the delicious American short stack to eat. If you are not much of a sweet tooth, I would recommend Eggs Benedict or one of the Hammett’s Specials.

Hammett's Bottomless Brunch

Hammett’s Bottomless Brunch

I love pancakes and always go for the “American Short Stack“, the best pancakes (and maple syrup!) in Malta.

24 (with Prosecco)

3. NAAR Restobar (St. Julian’s)

Another restaurant offering a bottomless brunch offer is NAAR. Here you can enjoy a great sea view and a chilled-out, dog-friendly atmosphere while taking advantage of a great brunch deal.

NAAR brunch details
  • Where: 1 Triq Censu Tabone, St. Julian’s
  • Brunch Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 11 am-1 pm
  • Contact: +356 2137 3412
  • Brunch Menu

The breakfast and brunch menu at NAAR includes juices and smoothies, toasts, eggs, vegetarian and vegan dishes, and morning cocktails. With so much to choose from, everyone is sure to find something that fits their taste and any dietary restrictions.

On weekends, a bottomless brunch deal is offered at €35 per person. This includes a breakfast dish of your choice, two fluffy American pancakes and free-flowing drinks. Like at Kingsway, there are several drinks to choose from: Prosecco, Mimosa, Bellini, Gin and tonic and cocktails.

If you prefer a later brunch or fuller dish, you can choose from the main menu which serves up salads, burgers, sandwiches and more.

NAAR Brunch

NAAR Brunch

At NAAR you can enjoy the sea-view while enjoying a delicious salad, burger or classic breakfast/brunch dish.

€5-€12 per breakfast dish, €35 for the bottomless deal

A la carte brunch in Malta

While a set menu deal often works well with brunch, the options might sometimes be limited. If you are looking for a bigger selection of dishes and drinks to choose from, you can check out an a la carte brunch option. To get the best experience, I recommend you to order a lot of different dishes for everyone to share.

4. Manouche Craft Bakery & Bistro (St. Julian’s, Sliema, Mosta, Valletta and Gozo)

Manouche is a French Bakery and bistro that knows all about high-quality food. Looking at their social media, I am always amazed by the delicious baked goods and dishes they post.

Manouche brunch details
  • Where: Spinola Park, SPK 1000, St. Julian’s and other locations
  • Brunch Hours: Monday to Sunday, 8 am-3 pm
  • Contact: +356 2704 1478
  • Brunch menu

It all started with a bistro in St. Julian’s in 2017. From there, the brand quickly gained huge popularity and at the end of 2020, a second location opened in Valletta. Since then, new locations have kept opening up and the bakery can now be found in several different spots in Malta and Gozo.

Each location offers a different menu of breakfast and brunch dishes, as well as baked goods available from the counter. There used to be a long weekend bottomless brunch deal but this seems to no longer be available. So instead of a set deal, you’ll get to choose freely from the extensive breakfast and lunch menu.

Due to the popularity and high demand, breakfast is served from 8 am until 3 pm. From 12 pm there is also a lunch menu until 3 pm. So if you want to go for a great brunch no matter if it is early or late, Manouche is a good choice. Simply take your pick and order from what is available on the menu and at the bakery counter.

The breakfast menu at Manouche includes so many unique dishes. You can choose from a wide variety of omelettes, benedicts, french toast and more. And don’t forget to order some fresh baked goods on the side or to go!

Manouche Brunch

Manouche Brunch

I like to order a mix of sweet and savoury. Last time I had an Almond, Chocolate Croissant and a Brioche bun with Avocado, Egg and Bacon.

€2-€11 per dish

5. Crust Bakery – Bar – Bistro (St. Julian’s)

Crust Malta is a great spot for lunch, dinner, drinks or brunch. The restaurant is led by Chef Sean Gravina who really knows how to combine flavours and textures into a great dish.

Crust brunch details
  • Where: 64, 65 Mensija Street, St. Julian’s
  • Brunch Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 3 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9 am
  • Contact: +356 9938 0976
  • Brunch menu

At Crust, you will find a modest brunch menu covering all the classic dishes. Try a staple Smashed Avocado Toast or Eggs Benedict, or opt for something different with a Sweet French Toast or Breakfast Tagine. If you don’t feel like a classic brunch dish, you can choose from the lunch menu where you’ll find salads, burgers and more.

In addition to the tasty dishes, Crust has a full menu of drinks to enjoy with the food. Try one of the three unique brunch cocktails or an old favourite. Remember to book in advance, especially if you want to sit outside in the sun!

Crust brunch

Crust Brunch

I have tried a few dishes at Crust, but nothing beats the “Sweet French Toast” which is a perfect combination of banana, peanut butter, berries and more deliciousness.

€8-€13 per dish

6. U Bistrot (St. Julian’s)

Similar to Manouche and Crust, U Bistrot doesn’t have a specific brunch menu. But I still include it as a brunch favourite, since the restaurant offers a long breakfast menu, available every day until 12:30 pm.

U Bistrot brunch details
  • Where: George Borg Olivier Street, St. Julian’s
  • Brunch Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 12:30 pm
  • Contact: +356 2311 2361
  • Brunch menu

At U Bistrot you can go for sweet or savoury, healthy or naughty. There are many classic breakfast dishes to choose from, and also a selection of unique breakfast cocktails. This makes it easy to enjoy a good brunch with friends and family.

The bistro is beautifully decorated on the inside, but if the weather is good, I recommend sitting outside. Soak up some sun and enjoy the view of Ballutta while eating your delicious breakfast.

U Bistrot Brunch

U Bistrot Brunch

Again, I opt for pancakes. In my opinion, they are not as mouth-watering as Hammett’s pancakes, but still good!

€5-€10 per dish

7. Dr. Juice (Various locations)

If you are looking for a healthy, quick and delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner, Dr. Juice is a great choice. With 11 locations across Malta and Gozo, your nearest juicery might be closer than you think. And did you know that some of the locations serve brunch?

Dr Juice brunch details
  • Where: 54, Gzira Road, Gzira and other locations
  • Brunch Hours: Monday to Sunday, 7 am to 10 pm
  • Contact: +356 2134 1218
  • Brunch menu

While brunch is a great meal to enjoy at a restaurant, you can also pick up some treats on the go and enjoy it at home. Or how about grabbing a brunch favourite on your way to work, to start your day off right?

At Dr. Juice you will find a great variety of juices, smoothies and food to enjoy right away or as takeaway. This means that you can pick your favourite and take it home or sit outside somewhere for a healthy takeaway brunch.

But if you are looking to sit down for a proper brunch from Dr. Juice, you can visit the locations with seating. Here you can choose from the regular juices and food from the counter, as well as a full menu with brunch dishes. Try the classic smashed avocado & egg or something more unique – all healthy and flavoursome!

Dr Juice smoothie

Dr Juice Brunch

Do breakfast and brunch on the go or in the Gzira restaurant. Healthy, delicious and hip!

€7-€13 per brunch dish

Vegan brunch in Malta

If you are vegetarian, vegan or have any special dietary needs, it is worth researching before you decide on a restaurant. Not being a vegan myself, I have to admit that I have not searched much for a vegan brunch in Malta. But after checking, I can say that all the places already mentioned in this guide offer vegetarian and vegan options, or the option to make a dish fitting for your dietary restrictions. This should hopefully leave everyone spoilt for choice!

Dog-friendly brunch in Malta

Are you looking for the best dog-friendly brunch in Malta? Well lucky for you, all the places listed above are dog-friendly restaurants!

So if you are looking to bring your pooch to a nice weekend brunch, check out the following spots for a dog-friendly brunch in Malta:

  1. Kingsway (Valletta)
  2. Hammett’s (Sliema)
  3. Manouche (Several locations)
  4. Crust (St Julians)
  5. U Bistrot (St Julians)
  6. NAAR (St Julians)
  7. Dr Juice (Several locations)

Conclusion: What’s the best brunch in Malta?

All of the 7 brunch spots listed above are personal favourites of mine that I would recommend anyone to check out. But if you are looking for the best brunch in Malta, I also want to highlight the best out of the best.

In conclusion, DineWineLove awards Kingsway in Valletta as the absolute best brunch in Malta. This is based on the amazing boozy brunch deal offered, the unique dishes on the menu, as well as the fabulous location in the heart of Valletta. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!

Brunch in Malta: Pancakes

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