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DineWineLove info and FAQs

Welcome to DineWineLove!

I am really happy that you are here and hope that you find what you are looking for in my guides.

What can you find at DineWineLove?

DineWineLove is a lifestyle blog with well-researched guides and reviews that help users make better choices. On this blog, I share a mix of lifestyle guides and blog posts. The three main categories of this blog are food (Dine), drinks (Wine) and lifestyle (Love). The latter category includes wedding guides, travel tips, animal-related posts, and more.

Restaurant reviews and food posts

A lot of the posts on DineWineLove are food-related. I love to dine out and one of my favourite things to do is to try new restaurants. And since I have so many great restaurant tips to share, why not just write some reviews?

In addition to specific restaurant reviews, I also share listicles and round-ups of the best alternatives for different locations and categories.

Bar reviews and drink posts

In addition to eating out, I love drinking out – and at home. I am an especially big fan of wine and therefore write posts related to wine and other drinks to enjoy.

Like restaurant reviews, I share bar reviews and round-ups of different great bars around the world.

Wedding guides and blog posts

As soon as I got engaged in 2019, I started reading wedding guides online. And throughout the process of planning a wedding and getting married in Spain, I have learnt a lot – and found a lot of great tips and supplisers to share.

Although there is already a lot of content out there, I want to contribute with what I can – specifically focusing on destination weddings like weddings in Malta and Spain.

Pet guides and blog posts

I love animals and in 2019, my fiancé and I adopted a senior dog in Malta. In 2020, we adopted a cat in Spain. Now, Bo and Fiona are a big part of my life and I learn something new every day.

In my pet-related guides, I share my own experiences as well as the knowledge of experts in the field.

Travel guides and blog posts

One of my great passions in life is to travel and explore new places. From my travels, I share weekend-guides and recommendations from different locations around the world.

I have lived abroad for years (in Qatar, London, Malta and now Spain) so I share insider tips and expert recommendations from these destinations specifically. Find unique spots to visit and the best restaurants available with my help.

Destination guides

Malta guides and blog posts

Malta is a small Mediterranean island not everyone knows a lot about. It's a popular tourist destination, but for some, it might be a brand new destination to explore. After living in Malta for three years, I have a lot of insider tips, Malta guides and recommendations to share.

Spain guides and blog posts

Spain is a big country with a great culture for food, wine, and hospitality. After moving to Costa del Sol in 2020, I have come across many great tips and restaurant recommendations to share. My Spain posts currently focus on the Costa del Sol area, with a base in Mijas, Málaga.

Norway guides and blog posts

Norway is a beautiful (and expensive) country attracing more tourists. I am born and raised (mostly) in the small Norwegian town of Haugesund and my husband is from the stunning Lofoten Islands. Although I no longer live in Norway, I have a lot of tips to share.

Qatar guides and blog posts

Qatar is a small Arabic peninsula located next to Dubai. Though tourism has blossomed recently, it is still an unknown destination for many. I lived in Qatar from 2008 to 2010 and have visited many times since. Therefore, I want to share the best that this country has to offer.

London guides and blog posts

London is a big city that most of us have either visited or dreamt of visiting before. Of course, there are many guides out there already outlining where to go and what to do in London. But I still want to share my top picks, after having lived there for three years.

DineWineLove Q&As

What is DineWineLove?

DineWineLove is a lifestyle blog with a focus on food, drink, travel, and wedding posts. Within the three sections 'Dine', 'Wine', and 'Love', the goal is to share useful and fun content that gives you in-depth information about the topic.

Who is the creator of DineWineLove?

The brand DineWineLove and everything published on this blog is created by me, Anita Fosen-Winje. I started my first blog in 2008 and have been an online writer ever since then. I have a BA in Journalism and my own SEO content company, and want to use my knowledge to create fun, interesting and useful content.

Who is Anita Fosen-Winje?

I am a 27-year old Norwegian who just can't seem to stay in one place! I am from a small town in Norway, but have lived almost half of my life abroad. I moved to Qatar in 2008 and has since then lived in London, Malta, and now Spain!

I love to read and write, eat and drink out, and listen to music. If I am not working on my content company or blog, you'll probably find me at home with my husband and our pets, Bo and Fiona. Though I try to share some of my personal favourites and experiences, this is not a blog about me. In many ways, I try to keep the blog as non-personal as possible in order to focus on the facts and information.

When and why did you start DineWineLove?

The idea of DineWineLove was started in November 2019, after searching for a new hobby and something to call my own. With a 9-5 job, I think it is important to have a creative/fulfilling hobby to work on in the evenings and weekends. Some people prefer working out or reading, some play on online casinos, while others start a business.

How often are new posts published?

I love to write and have a lot of content just waiting to be written. But as this is just a hobby I am combining with my day company and personal life, I aim to publish around one post a week. In addition to new posts, I spend a lot of time updating and improving already published posts to ensure they are up to date.

If you have any further questions or want to know more, feel free to contact me!