On this blog, you will find posts and guides related to food, travel, wedding planning and more.

I love to write and work with text every day. This is my free space to share great content that I hope can be useful and fun for you to read!

About DineWineLove.com

DineWineLove is not a personal blog about my daily life, but a roundup of guides and tips. All articles are always thoroughly researched and perfected to be useful and interesting for the reader. And since I don’t have all the answers, I also interview and share stories from friends and acquaintances who I believe have something useful and interesting to say.

At DineWineLove, I share well-researched guides and reviews that help users make better choices.

– Anita Fosen

DineWineLove is all about recommending local businesses and experiences. Some posts are more generic and useful for anyone, while others focus on specific destinations. The majority of my destination-specific posts will focus on the four following countries, where I have lived and therefore have a lot of tips and recommendations to share:

  1. Malta
  2. Spain
  3. United Kingdom (London)
  4. Qatar

In addition, I share experiences from other countries I have visited and explored. I aim to recommend local businesses that are worth supporting so that readers visiting or living in the country can have a great experience. All reviews and recommendations are 100% honest and unbiased.

Why Dine, Wine and Love?

Yes, my blog name is inspired by the iconic book title Eat Pray Love. It might not serve as my memoir, but at least it will be my space to publish and share content about my travels and life lessons. 

When deciding on a blog name, I wanted to choose something clear and creative. It might be a bit of a tung-twister, but the name clearly states the three main parts of this website.

While DineWineLove is inspired by ‘Eat Pray Love’, the title and topics picked are more accustomed to my lifestyle and the knowledge I have to share. I am far from an expert, but I have some tips and guides up my sleeve.


I love food (who doesn’t?) and really enjoy both cooking at home and eating out. As a student in London, I always prioritised good food and drinks (which doesn’t have to be expensive!). In Malta and Spain, I’ve been spoilt for choice as there are so many good and affordable restaurants to choose from. And when I travel, I always cherish the good meals I share with whomever I am travelling with.

My phone is full of pictures of food and little notes. Now, I want a space where I can save and share those restaurants.

In the Dine section of my blog, you will find Restaurant Reviews and Restaurant Guides, including “Top 5” lists from some of my favourite destinations.


Replacing ‘pray’ with ‘wine’ might not sound that great, but hey, Jesus turned water into wine, right? All kidding aside, I don’t want to go as far to say that wine is my religion. But at the same time, I have so much love for a good glass of wine or any other drink (including a nice hot tea!).

I am far from an expert on wine. But I have learnt a lot from living in Malta and Spain and having great access to both cheap and exclusive, local and foreign wines. 

In the Wine section of my blog, you will be able to read up on good drinks and bars, plus tips and tricks from industry experts.


At DineWineLove, it all comes down to love. I love sharing a great home-cooked or restaurant meal with my loved ones; I love to say “cheers” and clink glasses to celebrate a positive event; and I love to be able to travel and explore new places, flavours, and experiences. 

To me, love is such a big part of my life and travels. There are a lot of posts I want to publish that don’t necessarily have anything to do with food or drinks. I have a lot of passions in music, literature, animals and more. The lifestyle blog posts these passions result in end up in my Love category.

In the Love section of my blog, I serve up a grand mix of topics: from my travel gems and tips, to wedding-guides and tips on adopting a dog.

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