Interested in wedding events and wedding fair Malta? Check out my review of the 2019 MFCC Weddings & Events Expo and prepare for the next edition!

One of the first things I did when I got engaged, was to search for Malta wedding events. Even though sites like Pinterest can give great wedding inspiration, I loved the idea of visiting an event where we could check out vendors in real life.

Luckily, I quickly found the yearly MFCC Weddings & Events Expo, which was set for November 2019. And on the 7th of November, my fiancé and I went to check it out. We were planning to stay for an hour or so but actually ended up spending our entire Saturday evening there. There were a lot of great things to see and try, and we definitely left with a lot of impressions.

Here is a round-up of my experience at and some of my favourite vendors from The MFCC Weddings & Events Expo – Malta 2019.

What is the MFCC Weddings & Events Expo?

This Malta wedding event is a long-time running favourite, hosted at the MFCC in Ta ‘Qali. The 2021 event (postponed from 2020) will actually be the 25th edition – hosted in June/July 2021. It’s a free entry event that had more than 170 exhibitors for the 2019 edition. There were vendors within catering, drinks, attire, gifts and more – not only relevant for weddings, but also other events and gatherings.

With close to 200 vendors at the wedding fair Malta, I can’t say I remember nor visited all, but some definitely made a great impression on us. Here are my top three favourites from this 2019 Malta Wedding Event.

Favourite vendors from MFCC Weddings & Events Expo 2019

1. Mr. Gin

My fiancé and I first met Mr. Gin at a Festa this summer. We were instantly drawn to the cute and decorative horse trailer made into a chic bar. My opening line “I don’t really like the taste of gin” might not be the best at a mobile gin bar, but somehow this very bar has made me into a gin-drinker. Counter to the poor G&Ts I have tried and dispised earlier in my life, Mr. Gin served up a fresh, Boë violet gin with a premium tonic.

After falling in love with its taste, I have since ordered that very gin at every bar I have found it. (Malta bars where I have found Boë violet gin so far: Hammetts Gastro Bar, Oia, Thirsty Barber, Yard 32). Luckily, MR Gin also offers alcohol delivery in Malta.

There were a lot of bars on display at the wedding fair, but none of them as quality-ensured as this. Serving up only the best gins and tonics, and also able to sort great Spanish wine! If we are going to have our wedding in Malta, hiring Mr. Gin is a no-brainer.

Details from the MFCC Malta Wedding Event; Mr Gin mobile gin bar
Photo credit: Weddings & Events Expo Malta

2. Corinthia Caterers

I quickly noticed the cute and delicate mini-canapes Corinthia Caterers had on display. While enjoying some nibbles and a delicious drink, we got information about the venues and packages Corinthia have on offer. Not only was everything tasty and classy, but the sales representative did a great job of finding something that would be perfect for us. We will have a look at wedding venues and definitely opt for Corinthia if we decide on Malta.

One of my favourite details from the event was that when leaving, we got a lovely gift. We got a small box with a wedding cake taster in it, decorated with our initials on it. To say the least, Corinthia Caterers Malta definitely made an impression on us.

Details from the MFCC Malta Wedding Event; Corinthia Caterers canapes
Corinthia Caterers mini-canapes

3. Get Hitched

Planning a wedding can be a tedious task, especially if you have to contact all vendors and ask for quotes and availability. I like anything that can make planning easier, which is why I was fascinated with the idea of Get Hitched. They offer a free wedding service where couples can contact multiple suppliers all from one place.

I had already looked at and liked Get Hitched on Facebook before this event, so it was one of the vendors I was excited to see and learn more of. Their team was very friendly and great at explaining the benefits and success rates of the service. I think it is also an especially great idea for anyone planning a destination wedding in Malta, as it will make it easier to find good vendors all from one place (for free).

Is the MFCC Weddings & Events Expo worth visiting?

The three companies listed above are my true favourites from this event that I will actually make use of and book if we get married in Malta. But in addition to this, we got to check out a lot of amazing companies and also get lots of inspiration for our wedding. I would definitely recommend visiting this Malta Wedding Event if you are getting married – or hosting any other big event!

The wedding fair Malta 2021 will be hosted from June 24th to July 4th. PS: The wedding fair Malta at MFCC is only one of many MFCC events!

Practical information

  • What: The MFCC Weddings & Events Expo
  • Where: Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre, Ta ‘Qali, Malta
  • When: June 24th to July 4th, 2021
  • Price: Free!

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