Looking for a dog friendly restaurant in Malta where you can enjoy a good meal with your pooch? Check out my list of top five pet friendly restaurants in Malta (and one in Gozo)!

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What are the best dog friendly restaurants in Malta?

  1. Naar Restobar, St Julians
  2. The Black Sheep, Sliema
  3. The Smokehouse, Gzira
  4. KuYa Asian Pub, St Julians
  5. Sciacca Grill, Valletta and St Julians
  6. Il Gabbiano, Gozo

The 5 Best Dog Friendly Restaurants in Malta

One of my favourite things about Malta is the grand variety of (affordable) restaurants serving up scrumptious food and drinks. A perfect Saturday for me is spending the whole day visiting my favourite spots to indulge in delicious nibbles and cocktails. Or better yet, find a hidden gem that offers something new! 

When we adopted our dog, I immediately started checking out which places we could bring him (and not). Luckily, Malta is generally very pet-friendly with many dog friendly places. We have rarely gotten a ‘no’ when asking if we could bring our dog with us, and a lot of places advertise as a “pet-friendly restaurant”. But which are the best?

Best dog-friendly restaurants in Malta

Here, you will find a list of my current favourite dog friendly restaurants in Malta – and one in Gozo!

1. Naar Restobar, St Julians

I don’t know any Malta restaurant more dog-friendly than Naar. Being such a great spot for everything from an after-work drink to a weekend brunch or any-day dinner, I was so happy to learn that dogs are allowed too. Naar is an open-space venue where our dog can easily lie down next to our table. 

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Malta: Dog treats

Homemade pet treats

At NAAR, you can get homemade pet treats from their Doggie Menu. You could almost say it is a restaurant for pets!

The best part is that this restaurant really knows how to make a pooch happy. Not only do we always get a water bowl right away, but they also have their own dog menu! On it, you will find homemade dog treats in several different flavours. No matter if your dog prefers peanut butter or meat, s/he will be sure to enjoy some hours at Naar.

In my opinion, this is the best Malta pet friendly restaurant around.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Malta: Naar dog menu and dog

NAAR doggie menu

Bring your dog to NAAR and order the homemade doggie treats for your pooch. Order 3 for €1.

Naar Restobar Details
  • Where: 1 Triq Censu Tabone, St Julians
  • Opening hours: Monday and Tuesday 11am-4pm, Wednesday to Friday 12pm-4pm and 5pm-10pm, Saturday 10am-4pm and 5pm-10pm, Sunday 10am-6pm
  • Website: https://naarmalta.com/
  • Contact: 2137 3412

2. The Black Sheep, Sliema

Another spot where our dog has definitely been spoilt is at Black Sheep in Sliema. It’s a great restaurant and bar, and one of my favourite spots to bring visitors as everyone is bound to find something they like.

Luckily, Bo (our dog) can tag along too, and join no matter if we end up seated outside or inside. He is always served water right away but has also gotten some naughty treats including a very large plate of bacon. Needless to say, it’s a great time for the whole gang!

The Black Sheep is a great dog friendly spot to bring your dog for some food or drinks in the daytime and we have also brought Bo along for dinner in the evening.

Note that even though this is a very pet friendly restaurant in Malta, it is also primarily a restaurant slash bar. In the evenings and especially at the weekends, it might be best to leave your dog at home if s/he is sensitive to noise or a lot of people.

The Black Sheep is dog-friendly

At the Black Sheep in Sliema, your dog can join the party both outside and inside. And if he’s lucky, he might even get some bacon!

The Black Sheep Details

3. The Smokehouse, Gzira

Similar to Black Sheep, Smokehouse is a weekend favourite. It is the perfect spot for a nice drink (their rhubarb cider is amazing), nibble and good company. And that company normally includes little Bo, who gets attention from both us and the employees.

The last time we visited, we even got a nice little discount on our bill – to spend on a treat for Bo, courtesy of our lovely waitress. No matter if we wanna sit in- or outside, our dog is always welcome to join.

All in all, it’s a nice dog friendly cafe and restaurant located on the Gzira strand.

The Smokehouse is dog-friendly

If you head to the Smokehouse, make sure to try the amazing rhubarb cider. Sit outside or inside, your dog is welcome either way.

The Smokehouse Details

4. KuYa Asian Pub, St Julians

KuYa might be a small, basement bar/restaurant, but it is still big enough to fit a small dog or two. This might be the least “pet-friendly” restaurant on the list in terms of size, but I am just so happy to be able to bring Bo here. Therefore I still want to mention it on my list of Malta’s top animal friendly restaurants.

Easily my favourite restaurant in Malta, KuYa is somewhere we keep going back to. We enjoy the Bao Buns and beer, while Bo sleeps listening to the relaxing background music.

Kuya Malta

KuYa is dog-friendly

Enjoy the delicious Bao Buns and other dishes at KuYa with your dog right by your side.

KuYa Asian Pub Details
  • Where: 2 Triq Ross, St Julians
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 11:30am-3pm and 6pm-11pm
  • Website: http://www.kuyamalta.com/ 
  • Contact: 2713 6517

5. Sciacca Grill, Valletta & St Julians

Sciacca is another favourite Malta restaurant of mine, and maybe the “fanciest” one on the list. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when we were allowed to bring our dog along for our dinner reservation without hesitation.

The meat and wine selection here always result in an amazing meal. The open-space restaurant allows for comfort – not only for us, but also Bo who can tuck in under the booth table or on a blanket on the floor. They even have some fold-out water bowls on hand, all ready for their four-legged guests.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Malta: Sciacca

Sciacca is dog-friendly

Finish off your meal at Sciacca with one of their mouth-watering desserts. Your four-legged friend can join for the whole meal.

Sciacca Details
  • Where: South St, Valletta and Triq Santu Wistin, St Julians
  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 12pm-3:30pm and 6pm-10:30pm (Valletta) / 6pm-11pm (St Julians)
  • Website: http://sciaccamalta.com/ 
  • Contact: 2123 7222 / 2133 1310

Bonus: Il Gabbiano, Gozo

The last restaurant on my list of favourite dog-friendly restaurants in Malta is actually not a Malta restaurant, but a Gozo joker. I am sure there are many dog friendly restaurants in Gozo, but the one we have visited (and loved) with our dog is Il Gabbiano.

Il Gabbiano in Marsalforn is a wonderful pearl located right next to the glistening sea. Here you can get the freshest fish in the perfect environment to enjoy it. The food is amazing, but what makes this restaurant such a unique spot are all the dogs running around.

That’s right, not only is this a restaurant where you can bring your dog along but there are (normally) already dogs there! The owner has quite a few Shih Tzu’s who either run around greeting the guests or relax inside. Our little Shih Tzu is not sure how he feels about them, but I love it!

Gozo Dog-Friendly Restaurant: Il Gabbiano

A dog-friendly restaurant in Gozo

Bring your dog to one of the best restaurants in Gozo. Your dog will probably get to meet the Shih Tzus at Il Gabbiano.

Il Gabbiano Restaurant Details

What are the best dog-friendly restaurants in Malta?

DineWineLove recommends NAAR, The Black Sheep, The Smokehouse, KuYa and Sciacca as the best dog-friendly restaurants in Malta. In Gozo, Il Gabbiano is a pet-friendly restaurant worth checking out.

Above you will find a list of five amazing Malta restaurants and one Gozo restaurant that all allow for dogs to join in on the fun. These are my current favourites obviously not only based on the fact that they allow dogs, but that they serve up some amazing dishes and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

As you might notice, the restaurants are located in the St Julians/Sliema/Gzira area, simply because this is where we normally go for a meal or drink nearby. Of course, there are many more that could be added to the list and a hot tip is to search for “places that allow dogs near me” before going out.

Dog at restaurant

Dog-friendly restaurants in Malta Q&As

Let’s round off with some quick Q&As all related to dog-friendly restaurants in Malta.

Is Malta dog friendly?

Malta has a lot of pet friendly restaurants where you can bring your dog. Apart from dog friendly restaurants, most shops will also allow for dogs to come in (but not major supermarkets like Towers Supermarket).

There are a lot of dogs in Malta so you’ll meet a lot of dog owners while out and about. Sadly, there aren’t too many open spaces of nature for the dogs to enjoy. I have found Malta to be very dog-friendly, but not everyone agrees.

Should I bring my dog with me to restaurants in Malta?

This largely depends on how your dog behaves around people and in crowded spaces. If your dog gets stressed in crowds or small places but is fine to stay home alone, keep him home. But if your dog has separation anxiety and/or prefers to join you out and about and can behave well, it is perfectly fine to bring him.

As is quite obvious from this post, we have brought our dog, Bo, with us to quite a few places after adopting him. That doesn’t mean you should start bringing your dog if you normally don’t.

We started bringing Bo for two reasons: First of all, he had a lot of separation anxiety after the adoption. We are working on it and do leave him alone from time to time, but never for too long. And secondly, Bo is a very good “pub-dog”. He likes to come with us, and when we sit down, he simply lies down and sleeps. Bo doesn’t mind the chatter or people around him, nor the smell of food at the table. He is just happy to not be alone.

I know that some dogs might be very different from this, and are therefore a lot better off home alone without any issues. All I can say is that if you want to bring your dog, it is rarely an issue. Book in advance and check to make sure!

What is a dog-friendly restaurant?

Depending on the restaurant and country, “pet-friendly” can have different meanings. Most dog-friendly restaurants will have an outside area that is not fully enclosed where you can sit and enjoy a meal with your dog. Malta certainly has a lot of great places offering outside seating and here there is hardly ever any issue to have our dog sit by us. 

A lot of pet-friendly restaurants, especially the ones advertising as such, also allow for dogs to come inside and sit – so you won’t be restricted to sitting outside only.

In my opinion, the best dog-friendly restaurants in Malta are the ones that not only allow dogs but actually cater to them. A dog-friendly restaurant should have enough space between the tables for a dog to actually fit and relax without being in the way. And of course, being served a bowl of water (without having to ask) or even a treat doesn’t hurt!

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    Thank you for sharing, need a little trip with my dog I think! 🙂

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